Painful Orgasms In Women

Oh hey, everybody. Today I’m talking about painful orgasms and while that might sound like an oxymoron, they are real. So this week’s question is coming from a woman who wants to know, “I have a really embarrassing question. I often have multiple orgasms.” This does not sound embarrassing so far by the way. “There’s usually about a 10-second gap between about 15 in a row. These last at least  23 seconds each.” Woah. “And I can get them out of the blue. This can leave me in a bit of discomfort. Is this normal?”

First up a quick differentiation. In this article, I’m going to focus in on the spontaneity plus pain issue rather than talking about painful orgasms in general. I wanted to talk a little bit about this embarrassment factor. Before you do anything else, I want you to treat your body like a friend. If your friend were experiencing pain, you probably wouldn’t be like “ugh, that is so embarrassing.” You would probably in a very kind and gentle way figure out the best way that you could help. And that’s how you need to think of your body.

After you’ve paid attention to the symptoms, I mean it sounds like you kind of know what the pattern is, I would absolutely, definitely consider talking to a doctor or nurse practitioner. And let me bring up the embarrassment factor again, if you go to said doctor or nurse practitioner and described what’s happening and he or she makes you feel embarrassed or slut shames you in any kind of way – get out, do not internalize all of that nonsense, get out, find another doctor.

As for whether spontaneous orgasms are normal, they absolutely happen. I’m going to talk about my vagina for a second. I went jogging last week, and this normally doesn’t happen. After I had finished jogging, I was kind of, you know, like walking it off and I had the sensation of being on the verge of an orgasm for like an hour. When your body feels that way for long enough, any kind of pleasurable sensation quickly gives way to pain. But considering the frequency of these multiple, spontaneous orgasms and the pain associated with it, it reminded me of maybe a mild case of what’s called persistent genital arousal disorder.

For really intense cases of it, women are completely debilitated, they are having upwards of 100 orgasms a day, they can’t use tampons, they can’t ride on bumpy trains, they can’t even wear high heels because it shifts the pelvis in such a way that it sets off this nerve sensation, that is in no way what we think of when we think of orgasmic. And because it’s relatively new in the medical literature, doctors still aren’t entirely sure what causes it; although they have identified all sorts of possibilities. It’s also worth noting too that the age of onset totally varies.

There are some women who experience it their whole lives and some who don’t get it until after menopause.

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