LAN will carry out three initiatives which are focused on strengthening our current campaigns & continuing to build for future campaigns: Youth Leadership Development, Educational Outreach and Training.

Youth Leadership Development

This year, LAN will host the second annual Lakota Youth Gathering in the Black Hills that will be held in conjunction with the annual Treaty & Human Rights Gathering of the Teton Sioux Nation Treaty Council. The first two days of the gatherings will be youth connecting with youth on a personal and emotional level. This will be a place to share our struggle as young people working for change in our Lakota communities. We will facilitate creative hands-on activities that will build trust and unity amongst the youth movement. The gathering will be a way to create alliances and to build relationships so that we can continue building the movement for positive change in our communities.

Educational Outreach

Over half of the Lakota population is age 24 and under, and LAN’s educational outreach program will focus on this segment of the population. We will develop curriculum for the schools in order to educate people on the history of land succession and the history of the Black Hills. We will talk about the Black Hills claim and the settlement monies as well as the importance of not excepting this money.

To this day, the Lakota people have not excepted the settlement money for the Black Hills, which has grown to an estimated 800 million dollars because of interest. Many of the Lakota youth population are separated from the Black Hills living on the eight reservations spread throughout our Treaty lands. It is out of this separation that this initiative grew. LAN seeks to build a movement of young people who know their rights, their history, and who is willing to stand by them. By going into the schools and giving the young people the opportunity to join LAN and receive updates and stay involved is a tactic we believe that will work towards building such a movement.


LAN will partake in two training initiatives in 2004.

Indigenous Environmental Network Training.
LAN will partner with the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) youth program to host a three day training on community organizing in Indigenous communities. The training will be held on Pine Ridge and it aims to increase our knowledge/skills and to develop our growing network of Indigenous youth activists. Topics to be covered at the IEN-sponsored training will be: Organizing, Fundraising, Coalition Building, Movement Building, and Networking. This training will focus specifically on Indigenous youth activists organizing in Indigenous communities. The trainers will be veteran Indigenous Rights activists.

Lakota Nation Action Camp-
LAN will partner with the Ruckus Society for a five-day action camp that builds community and trust among the different movements within our nation. We are proposing tentative dates for the action camp to be August 19th– 23rd. We are in the process of developing the curriculum for the camp. Once we have determined the skills that are most needed for our communities, we will work with The Ruckus Society, a non-profit organization that specializing in training for various different types of non-violent direct action, media messaging and campaign development. The camp will be hosted in the Black Hills outside of Rapid City, South Dakota and will end with a non-violent direct action the best fits into the Black Hills Logging Campaign.