Who we are

Mission Statement

Lakota Action Network’s mission is to create creative and strategic campaigns that work towards building and defending the Lakota Nation. We develop creative campaigns that focus on protecting our sacred sites, land, ecosystems and Lakota way of life. Our belief is that we must both build and defend our nation to survive for generations to come. Protecting our lands and creating campaigns that increase our sovereignty as an Independent Sovereign Nation is our focus.


In conjunction with the board, the staff carries out the day to day business of Lakota Action Network: administrative work, fundraising & organizational development. The staff also has the responsibility to keep the campaigns & initiatives moving forward and formulate strategic goals/objectives. We also have an art team, whose purpose is to come on to help design banners & signs for actions. The community organizers are organizers who come into a campaign to mobilize and do outreach during critical times.

  • Executive Director
    Nick Tilsen, Porcupine, South Dakota
  • Volunteer Community Organizers:
    Sylvia Lasley, Rapid City, South Dakota
    Cory Yellow Boy, Kyle, South Dakota
    April Brown Eyes, Slim Buttes, South Dakota
    Hope Brings Plenty, Oglala, South Dakota
  • Arts Team:
    Britton Kills Right, Porcupine, South Dakota
    William Birds Head, Rapid City, South Dakota
    Billy Janis, Oglala, South Dakota

We are also in the process of developing an advisory board made up of elders, spiritual leaders & other important leaders. The advisory board will help give direction & wisdom to the board & staff of LAN.

What makes us unique

We are a youth-led organization that brings together Lakota activists who have been working in our community on a variety of issues, such as health, substance abuse, education, Treaty rights, human rights and community economic development. Most importantly our staff and board consist entirely of young people who believe in protecting our traditions and spiritual way of life.

Our geographic area of focus is throughout the entire Lakota Nation, which is the current and ancestral lands of our people. According to the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 all of Western South Dakota, portions of Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, & North Dakota were designated as the Great Lakota Sioux Nation. The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 was upheld in 1980 by the Supreme Court. The Black Hills are in the heart of our Nation.

We believe that positive change in our communities needs to be led by strategic actions. We use creative tactics like non-violent direct action, media messaging, guerilla/ street market movement building, online campaigns, public education, and community organizing to create campaigns that protect our sovereignty, sacred sites, ecosystem and our Lakota way of life.

Board of directors

The board of directors provides guidance and leadership to keep LAN moving in a positive direction.

  • Jake Little
    Fire On The Prairie, Oglala South Dakota
  • Bridgette Mills-Dubray
    Student Support Services, Oglala Lakota College, Porcupine, South Dakota
  • Nick Tilsen
    Executive Director, Lakota Action Network, Porcupine, South Dakota
  • Chuck Birds Head
    Counselor, Hope Lodge, Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Kristina Iron Cloud
    Youth Advocate, Youth Opportunity, Pine Ridge, South Dakota