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Is Testosterone Therapy Effective?


Testosterone replacement used to be considered a little bit risky, but that has changed. We now recognize that testosterone replacement is really not risky but beneficial. It improves not only the libido, and not only the tone of the penis, but it improves bone density, it reverses depression in men who suffer from depression due to low testosterone. It also improves longevity. Men with low testosterone have been identified as having a shorter lifespan than men with normal testosterone levels. It’s noted to be important in maintaining a normal blood count. It’s also important in the immune system, in the integrity of the skin, muscle mass.

Testosterone is a very important hormone, and if it is low, it should be replaced. There used to be fear that testosterone causes prostate cancer. It turns out that the urological community and the thought leaders in urology have determined that testosterone does not cause prostate cancer. If a man has active prostate cancer that has not been eliminated. Testosterone may allow it to grow more robustly, but it will not cause a new prostate cancer to arise.

In our practice and many other practices around the country now, we are even allowing men who have had their prostate cancer effectively treated to begin testosterone replacement therapy to help them with their sexual dysfunction.

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Side Effects Of Testosterone


Testosterone replacement therapy does need to be monitored by a physician. If the levels of testosterone are elevated too high, the side effects may occur. Those side effects include nipple tenderness or breast enlargement because testosterone is normally converted to estradiol or estrogen within the fatty tissues of the male. And if you push the testosterone levels too high, you push estradiol levels too high, and this can then create gynecomastia or breast tissue swelling and nipple tenderness. Because if this affects the breast tissue testosterone should not be used in men with breast cancer.

Aside from gynecomastia or nipple tenderness, another side effect of pushing the testosterone levels too high is acne.

Agitation or mental agitation, I should say, is another consequence in some men of pushing the testosterone levels too high.

Top Male Enhancement Pills in 2018

Are you a healthy male who is having a physical issue in the bed? You do not need to be ashamed of it because plenty of people do have that kind of problem. The main problem might be caused by the lack of testosterone production in your body. In order to combat that issue properly, you need a stamina pills as a supplement. But you probably are wondering which pills enhance male endurance? How it works and how much it costs?Luckily we can now provide you all the answer to that question. Here are three of the best male performance enhancer that you can get on the market.

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The first on our list is a performance enhancer called VigRX pluss. This is one of the best penis enhancement pill on the market because it’s not just about gaining more stamina. It will also create a stronger erection and a more intense orgasm. It contains so many nutritional values that can boost your manliness such as Vitex Agnus Cactus and Mucuna Prurienes which is good for your manhood. Other than incredible benefits, they are also very cheap. For a bottle, you can order them with just around thirty-nine dollars.

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If you worry about all the chemical ingredients that might be inside a supplement, you should try Libido Plus. This is good for you who wants more natural ingredients inside their performance enhancer. It contains ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris which has been known to boost sex libido in the human male. It also includes an aphrodisiac plant called Catuaba which is good for your strength and stamina in bed. Finally, it also contains an Oat straw which is known to release testosterone to your body. With just seventeen dollars per bottle, you won’t reach too deep into your pocket.

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If you are not afraid of a higher budget, we would recommend you the Oxyerect. It comes with a total price of forty-four dollars per bottle. Despite so, it has been guaranteed to work on strengthening your erection, gain more longevity in bed, increase pleasure, and boost sex drive. It mixes healthy chemicals such as D-Aspartic Acid and also healthy herbal ingredients such as Fenugreek and Horny goat weed. Those combinations will certainly increase your libido in bed and awakens the sexual beast in you. Why not see it for yourself and try the product immediately.