Male Fertility Improvement

Factors that may compromise your fertility are heat and radiation. Exposing your testicles to high temperatures in the form of what is called wet heat, found in hot tubs or jacuzzis, for as little as 30 minutes each week can significantly impair the production and the motility of your sperm. The really scary part is that according to researchers in one study, even after a three to six months assertion period of wet heat, only  45 percent of participants in that study were able to regain healthy sperm counts. So if you are trying to conceive is probably a good idea to refrain from using a hot tub or Jacuzzi.

The second factor is the low-level radiation emitted from your cell phone. Now this is a little-known potential cause of male infertility. Studies in rodents and humans demonstrated that exposing the testicles to standard radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields, found in most cell phones, for just one hour a day over thirty day period resulted in significantly lowered sperm count and motility. So these results are currently just one-hour exposure every single day. Just imagine the potential fallout if you are carrying your cell phone around in the front pocket of your pants every single day with your cell phone right next to your testicles. If you do choose to carry your cell phone around the front part of your pants, just turn it off when you are not using it. If you need to have it on for business reasons, you’re better off putting in a backpack, so it is away from your testicles. Now if you still want to have it in the front pocket of your pants and you need to have it on, there are these radiation shields that you can buy, and you can put over your phone. Just make sure that you do your homework because not all of them are a hundred percent effective.

Now nutrition also plays a vital role in it comes to healthy sperm production in men and is a well-known association between high levels of oxidative stress in the body and lower sperm quality or lower sperm counts. So it is a good idea to adjust your diet, to include plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in free radical fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals.

In particular lycopene, which is a carotenoid found in abundance in foods such as tomatoes and watermelons, has powerful antioxidant characteristics that can actually reverse some of the damage to sperm cells caused by oxidative stress. Lycopene can also be taken in supplement form. In fact, one study where some fertile men were giving two milligrams of supplemental lycopene twice daily resulted in 66% improvement in sperm concentration, of 53% improvement in sperm motility, and a 46% improvement in sperm morphology.

One of the essential nutrients that I would recommend for preventing or reversing male infertility is a mineral Zinc that can be found in foods such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, and beef.

Painful Orgasms In Women

Oh hey, everybody. Today I’m talking about painful orgasms and while that might sound like an oxymoron, they are real. So this week’s question is coming from a woman who wants to know, “I have a really embarrassing question. I often have multiple orgasms.” This does not sound embarrassing so far by the way. “There’s usually about a 10-second gap between about 15 in a row. These last at least  23 seconds each.” Woah. “And I can get them out of the blue. This can leave me in a bit of discomfort. Is this normal?”

First up a quick differentiation. In this article, I’m going to focus in on the spontaneity plus pain issue rather than talking about painful orgasms in general. I wanted to talk a little bit about this embarrassment factor. Before you do anything else, I want you to treat your body like a friend. If your friend were experiencing pain, you probably wouldn’t be like “ugh, that is so embarrassing.” You would probably in a very kind and gentle way figure out the best way that you could help. And that’s how you need to think of your body.

After you’ve paid attention to the symptoms, I mean it sounds like you kind of know what the pattern is, I would absolutely, definitely consider talking to a doctor or nurse practitioner. And let me bring up the embarrassment factor again, if you go to said doctor or nurse practitioner and described what’s happening and he or she makes you feel embarrassed or slut shames you in any kind of way – get out, do not internalize all of that nonsense, get out, find another doctor.

As for whether spontaneous orgasms are normal, they absolutely happen. I’m going to talk about my vagina for a second. I went jogging last week, and this normally doesn’t happen. After I had finished jogging, I was kind of, you know, like walking it off and I had the sensation of being on the verge of an orgasm for like an hour. When your body feels that way for long enough, any kind of pleasurable sensation quickly gives way to pain. But considering the frequency of these multiple, spontaneous orgasms and the pain associated with it, it reminded me of maybe a mild case of what’s called persistent genital arousal disorder.

For really intense cases of it, women are completely debilitated, they are having upwards of 100 orgasms a day, they can’t use tampons, they can’t ride on bumpy trains, they can’t even wear high heels because it shifts the pelvis in such a way that it sets off this nerve sensation, that is in no way what we think of when we think of orgasmic. And because it’s relatively new in the medical literature, doctors still aren’t entirely sure what causes it; although they have identified all sorts of possibilities. It’s also worth noting too that the age of onset totally varies.

There are some women who experience it their whole lives and some who don’t get it until after menopause.

There is a simple way to enhance your sexual desire and lubrication. Use herbal supplements or herbs, that improve female libido mentioned on this page. The supplements are rated according to the success rate, customers’ voting and experts’ opinion.

Is Testosterone Therapy Effective?


Testosterone replacement used to be considered a little bit risky, but that has changed. We now recognize that testosterone replacement is really not risky but beneficial. It improves not only the libido, and not only the tone of the penis, but it improves bone density, it reverses depression in men who suffer from depression due to low testosterone. It also improves longevity. Men with low testosterone have been identified as having a shorter lifespan than men with normal testosterone levels. It’s noted to be important in maintaining a normal blood count. It’s also important in the immune system, in the integrity of the skin, muscle mass.

Testosterone is a very important hormone, and if it is low, it should be replaced. There used to be fear that testosterone causes prostate cancer. It turns out that the urological community and the thought leaders in urology have determined that testosterone does not cause prostate cancer. If a man has active prostate cancer that has not been eliminated. Testosterone may allow it to grow more robustly, but it will not cause a new prostate cancer to arise.

In our practice and many other practices around the country now, we are even allowing men who have had their prostate cancer effectively treated to begin testosterone replacement therapy to help them with their sexual dysfunction.

Testosterone impacts your sexual life, you can lose your sexual energy if the amount of this male hormone decrease in your body. Help to improve your male potency with VigRx Plus Official Site

Side Effects Of Testosterone


Testosterone replacement therapy does need to be monitored by a physician. If the levels of testosterone are elevated too high, the side effects may occur. Those side effects include nipple tenderness or breast enlargement because testosterone is normally converted to estradiol or estrogen within the fatty tissues of the male. And if you push the testosterone levels too high, you push estradiol levels too high, and this can then create gynecomastia or breast tissue swelling and nipple tenderness. Because if this affects the breast tissue testosterone should not be used in men with breast cancer.

Aside from gynecomastia or nipple tenderness, another side effect of pushing the testosterone levels too high is acne.

Agitation or mental agitation, I should say, is another consequence in some men of pushing the testosterone levels too high.

How Does Breast Actives Formula Work?

learn this Breast Actives review


Are you an adult female with a small size of the breast and you are not happy about it? Then you really need to try Breast Actives, which is one of the best breast enlargement products out there. The product claims to be a high-quality breast enlarging supplement that can give you bigger breasts in a short period of time. If you are not familiar with it, this is the right article for you. We are about to tell you how does Breast Actives work especially with its natural and herbal formula that are said to be effective.

You can learn this Breast Actives review

It increases the size of your bra

Of course, the first thing that you should know is that the Breast Actives formula will increase the size of your bra cups. In other words, it will increase the overall size of your breast. The ingredients within the formula are all natural, and they are directed towards increasing the size of your breasts. For instance, there is a thistle flower extract which is always perfect for your breast.

The formula within the ingredients will bring you an increase in size because it will trigger the mammary gland to produce a hormone that can bring you bigger breast. Of course, in order to do so, you will have to use the product on a regular basis. Whether you are using the pills or the cream, you will have to use it as a regimen.

It makes your breasts firmer

Some products similar to Breast Actives are known to increase the size of your breast, despite so that’s about the only thing that they do. Breast Actives is so much different that the other products. By using this supplement, you will also gain a firmer set of breasts thanks to the formula of Breast Actives. You certainly do not want a bigger breast that is saggy and unappealing to be seen. For that very reason, you will have to use Breast Actives than the other because it will give you firmer breast also.

Quick Results


Another good thing that you can expect from using Breast Actives is the quickness of the product in delivering the result. Not only it is safe and secure to be used, but it is also really fast in its result delivery. For instance, you can use this product and see the first result with just around four weeks of using. Despite so, it is necessary to use Breast Actives in about nine weeks if you want to see the maximum result of the product. If you are a first time user, you might think the period as being rather long. But if you compare it to other similar products, you will definitely see that it is such a fast period of time.

Top Male Enhancement Pills in 2018

Are you a healthy male who is having a physical issue in the bed? You do not need to be ashamed of it because plenty of people do have that kind of problem. The main problem might be caused by the lack of testosterone production in your body. In order to combat that issue properly, you need a stamina pills as a supplement. But you probably are wondering which pills enhance male endurance? How it works and how much it costs?Luckily we can now provide you all the answer to that question. Here are three of the best male performance enhancer that you can get on the market.

Happier Spouse with Zytenz


The first on our list is a performance enhancer called VigRX pluss. This is one of the best penis enhancement pill on the market because it’s not just about gaining more stamina. It will also create a stronger erection and a more intense orgasm. It contains so many nutritional values that can boost your manliness such as Vitex Agnus Cactus and Mucuna Prurienes which is good for your manhood. Other than incredible benefits, they are also very cheap. For a bottle, you can order them with just around thirty-nine dollars.

All Natural with Libido Plus

If you worry about all the chemical ingredients that might be inside a supplement, you should try Libido Plus. This is good for you who wants more natural ingredients inside their performance enhancer. It contains ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris which has been known to boost sex libido in the human male. It also includes an aphrodisiac plant called Catuaba which is good for your strength and stamina in bed. Finally, it also contains an Oat straw which is known to release testosterone to your body. With just seventeen dollars per bottle, you won’t reach too deep into your pocket.

Prime Quality OxyErect


If you are not afraid of a higher budget, we would recommend you the Oxyerect. It comes with a total price of forty-four dollars per bottle. Despite so, it has been guaranteed to work on strengthening your erection, gain more longevity in bed, increase pleasure, and boost sex drive. It mixes healthy chemicals such as D-Aspartic Acid and also healthy herbal ingredients such as Fenugreek and Horny goat weed. Those combinations will certainly increase your libido in bed and awakens the sexual beast in you. Why not see it for yourself and try the product immediately.

The Ultimate Review for Star Curves Butt Enhancement Pills


Back in the days, men prefer women who have big breasts. Nowadays, big boobs are not the trend anymore. The most significant trend in beauty is a more major butt. You see on TV people like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and also Nicki Minaj. They have been influencing women all over the world to have a bigger butt. In order to copy their style, people buy butt enhancement pills such as Star Curves, which is one of the best in the market. But does it actually works? Here is our review to help you who want to buy the product.

The Pros of the products


There are several positive points that you can get from taking these pills. One of the biggest positivity from Star Curve is their decision to use all natural ingredients in their products. They use ingredients like Maca Root and Don Quai, which is known to promote muscle growth in the rear area. They also include ingredients like Fenugreek which can promote the growth of estrogen in the body. Because of that, so many clients have experienced a real gain when taking these pills. They claim that the natural ingredients have helped to increase the size of their butt.

The Cons Of the Products


From a financial standpoint, this pills is rather expensive when compared to similar producers. They also require you to take three pills per day which is quite a lot for someone. But one of the most significant cons which receive much attention is the lack of guarantee whether the product might work or not. There is no return policy for the product. Therefore, some people might be afraid to try this product. People sometimes also complain about the outdated design of the bottle. It hasn’t been changed for several years now.

Overall Review


Since there are so many positive reviews for the products, we are likely to recommend you this product. Despite so, one should weigh in their decision before trying out this product. You must be aware that this product might work for some people and might not work on some others. If the product does not work for you, you cannot return it or ask for a return money. They do not provide any guarantee on that matter. But looking at the many positive reviews on the product, it is very likely that Star Curves does work. You should try it out yourself by buying it now.